People who want or require to know if they have had contact with the coronavirus or have developed the COVID-19 disease can access the coronavirus tests and tests that are performed on individuals.

Confinement and social distancing are the most effective measures to contain contagion. But the inevitable social contact that people have when traveling to carry out the essential procedures, both work and family, makes it advisable to carry out these private coronavirus tests to know a possible contagion or development of COVID-19.

Delivery of results online

We report results by email within 24–36 hours, depending on the type of test.

Medical advice

We offer medical advice by phone or video consultation, to help select the appropriate diagnostic tests for each situation.

Medical monitoring

We carry out a medical follow-up by phone or video consultation of the results and of the patients.

PCR tests that meet requirements for travelers

We adapt to the protocol that a traveler needs to complete their trip and we adapt to the deadlines required by the airline and the country of destination (36, 48 and 72h).

We deliver the results in Spanish and English (a fundamental requirement to travel to certain countries). The report indicates both the date and time the sample is analyzed as well as the end time.

All of our laboratories have an ISO quality certificate.

Contact us:

MADRID: +34 689 534 199 (teléfono y WhatsApp) |

BARCELONA: +34 934 180 637 |

Our centers


Clínica Ceron
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28003 Madrid

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Instituto IMOR
Consultation by appointment
M-F 9.00h – 18.00h

Carrer de les Escoles Pies, 81, bajo
08017 Barcelona

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